8-40A DC12-24V 5pin Car Relay


Form  A SPST   4Pins PCB auto relay /Form C SPDT 5 Pins PCB auto relay

Application:vehicle centre control fuse&relay box, Automation device relay or Automobile auxiliary device relay;


Contact arrangement:1A(1H) SPSTNO 4Pins;

1C(1z)  SPDT(B-M) 5Pins;

Max.switching current:40A;

Max.switching Voltage:28VDC;

Max.switching power:560W;

Contact Loading:35A,40A/14VDC;15A,20A/28VDC;

Voltage available:12V,24V;

Product Detail


• Switching capacity up to 40A. Small size ,light weight.

• Working temperature 125°C .


Model in the list

Terminal Contact Arrangement Enclousure
Sealed type Dust cover
Plug-in 1A Coil Power
1C 1.5W 1.8W


Ordering Information

NVF16 – A – Z – DC12V – R
    1        2     3        4       5
1. Part number  NVF16
2. Contact arrangement  A:1A;C:1C
3. Enclosure  S: Sealed type           Z: Dust cover
4. Coil rated voltage(V): DC:12,24
5. Coil transient suppression  NIL:standard;
R:with resistor;           D:with diode;


Contact Data

Contact Arrangement 1A(SPSTNO);             1C(SPDT(B-M))
Contact Material AgSnO2
Contact Rating (resistive) See table 1
Max. Switching Power 560W
Max. Switching Voltage 28VDC
Max. Switching Current 40A
Maximum inrush current NO:90A;                 NC:25A
Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ    (6VDC 1A)
Operation life Electrical 1×100,000
Mechanical 1×1000,000



Insulation Resistance 100M min (at 500VDC)
Dielectric Strength
Between Contacts 50Hz 500V
Between Contact & Coil 50Hz 500V
Shock resistance Function:100m/s² 11ms
Survival:1000m/s² 11ms
Vibration resistance Function:10Hz~55Hz    Double amplitude 1.5mm
Survival:10Hz~55Hz     Double amplitude 1.5mm
Solderability 260°C±5°C       5 s±0.5s
Terminals strength Pull & push 100N
Ambient Temperature -40°C ~125°C (-40 F~257 F)
Relative Humidity  35%~85%(at 40°C )
Mass Approx. 18g

Caution:The above value is the original value. 


Table 1 Contact Rating

Standard 1A 1C
Contact Voltage(12V) 35A/14VDC, 40A/14VDC NO:35A/14VDC
Contact Voltage(24V) 15A/28VDC, 20A/28VDC NO:15A/28VDC


Coil Parameter

Dash numbers Coil voltage
Coil resistance
With Suppression Rsistive Pick up voltage VDC(max) (65%of rated voltage) Release voltage VDC(min)(10% of rated voltage) Coil power consumption W Operate Time ms Release Time ms
Rated Max. Without Rsistive With Rsistive
012-1500 12 16 96 84 680 7.2 1.2 1.5 ≤10 ≤10
024-1800 24 32 320 286 2700 14.4 2.4 1.8 ≤10 ≤10