NV231, 20/30A, small Twin car relay


♦ Current: 20A,30A

♦ Contact Form: 2A,2C

♦ Coil: DC6v,12v,24v



twins relay dpst  (2H)30a 12v 8 pins

dpdt(2Z) 30a 12v 10pins  

Application:automotive relay ;Automobile supporting use ;


Contact arrangement:

2A (2H)  DPSTNO  8Pins;

2C(2Z) DPDT(B-M) 10Pins;

Max.switching current:30A;

Max.switching Voltage:24VDC;

Max.switching power:420w;

Contact Loading:



Voltage available:12V,24V;

Product Detail

NV231, 20/30A, 2A/2C small Twin power relay



• Small size, light weight 8g

• Withstands high temperature, operating under 105°C ambient temperature.

• Heavy contact load switching current up to 30A.

• Suitable for automobile and lamp accessories application.


Ordering Information

NV231       2C     Z       S     20       DC12V     N     0.57
     1              2         3         4        5               6            7          8
 1 Part number NV231
 2 Contact arrangement 2A:2A ;                                             2C :2C
 3 Enclosure S: Sealed type;                       Z: Dust cover
 4 Mounting NIL: Standard;                         S: SMT
 5 Contact current(A) 20:20A;                          30:30A
 6 Coil rated voltage(V) DC:10,12,24
 7 Contact material N:AgNi;                                  S:AgSnO2
 8 Coil power consumption 0.55:0.55W                                             0.57:0.57W


Contact Data

Contact Arrangement 2A DPSTNO ,2C DPDT(B-M)
Contact Material AgSnO2 AgNi
Contact Rating Resistive 2A:30A,20A/14VDC
                 2C:NO:30A,20A/14VDC;       NC:25A,15A/14VDC
Max. Switching Power 420W
Max. Switching Voltage 24VDC                                                                   Max. Switching Current: 30A
Contact Resistance or     Voltage drop ≤30mV (at 10A)                                                     Item 4.12 of IEC 61810-7
Operation life Electrical 100,000 times                                                        Item 4.30 of IEC 61810-7
Mechanical 10,000,000 times                                                   Item 4.31 of IEC 61810-7

CAUTION:  1.For the intermediate current, it only applies to the room temperature.

Coil Parameter

Dash Numbers Coil voltage VDC Coil resistance ±Ω10% Pick up
voltage VDC(max)
(58%of rated
voltage VDC(min)
(12.5% of rated
Coil power consumption W Operate
Rated Max.
010-550 10 12 2×181 5.7 1.25 2×0.55 ≤4 ≤1.5
012-570 12 14.4 2×254 6.9 1.5 2×0.75 ≤4 ≤1.5
024-570 24 28.8 2×1010 13.8 3

1.The use of any coil voltage less than the rated coil voltage will compromise the operation of the relay.
2.Pickup and release voltage are for test purposes only and are not to be used as design criteria.